Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tokyo Baby cafe

The Tokyo baby cafe opened in the up market  Omotesando area of Tokyo earlier this year. I decided to check it out on a recent visit to the city. I love the playhouse shaped entrance into the cafe. 

Once inside the decor is minimal it feels like you are in a modern day Alice in Wonderland set. There is a gigantic sofa serving as an enclosed  play area, a central cafe area, and, for those wanting privacy, a separate dining room is available, which comes complete with a big brother style CCTV screen built into the wall so parents can keep a close eye on their children.

The interior plays with scale and perspective; using the difference in size between the adults and children to create a whimsical interior.
Nendo explains, "You can see the world through two different users. Adults live their lives aware of tabletops, and the things placed on top of them. But children see the table's underside. A table's legs can look like pillars, and the reverse of the tabletop is like a roof". The cafe's 'absolutely huge' and 'absolutely tiny' furnishings take advantage of these two perspectives.

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