Sunday, 30 October 2011

Totem books of animals by KIDSONROOF

Book on animals Lion set

Book on animals Eagle set

I have just added these 2 fabulous sets to the shop. Choose between either a Lion or the Eagle set. Pop out the cardboard pieces and make all of the animals along with the sceneries.
See the picture of each animal come to life by sliding a wing, tail or legs into the model. The impressive lion, the agile predatory bird, the ordinary garden snail or cute koala bear – the animals are all interpreted in a vintage basic style and are all equally detailed.
To play with and to look at as beautiful decorations. Visit the shop for more details

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Totem bird tree by KIDSONROOF

I’m very excited to have added this beautiful Totem Birds on tree by KIDSONROOF to the shop.  This tree is great toy and beautiful piece to decorate a child’s room.
 Have the birds fly around, land again in the tree or hop on the ground. In the branches is a nest with a hungry baby bird and surrounding him you’ll find a barn swallow, a kingfisher, a magpie, a nuthatch, an owl, a sparrow, a grey wagtail, a blue tit, a carrion crow, a european robin and a lesser spotted woodpecker. Let your imagination run wild.
Made of recycled recyclable cardboard this toy is eco-friendly and sustainable. Visit the shop for more

Friday, 14 October 2011

Braderie de Lille (Lille flea market)

Modern day tumble toy available at Molly-Meg
I visited the Braderie de Lille this September, known as Europe’s largest flea market. It felt a little overwhelming as to how we would get to see all 100km of stalls laid out across the city and find the best bits before the other 2 million visitors. When I realised it just want possible we started to relax and just wonder about. Although the area is vast there are a few key areas to visit for vintage and antiques that I would recommend.
Head to Boulevard Louis XIV, rue Debierre and rue du Réduit, Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas this is the area reserved for the sale of antiques. Also  go to Esplanade (alongside the Deûle canal, in front of the Champ de Mars).
For more information visit Lille tourist office. Purchases for Molly-Meg are yet to make into the shop. I haven’t been able to part with them just yet but will do soon I promise!
I got to meet up with fellow children’s furniture collector and friend Carole Daprey author of Mobilier Design Pour Enfants  and creator of the blog vintage for kids who helped us with some bargaining.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dinky vintage: A big passion for little fashion

Beautiful styling photographs featured at Dinky vintage, a Brighton based children's vintage shop, specialising in childrenswear from the late 19th Century  to the 1980s.

Wall art by Blanca Gomez and Fifi Mandirac

I have added some lovely new wall deco to the shop by artists Blanca Gomez and Fifi Mandirac 
Giant wall sticker ‘Mademoiselle under the rain’ by Blanca Gomez.
Giant wall sticker ‘Monsieur III’ holding a balloon by Blanca Gomez
Alphabet poster designed by Blanca Gomez
Wall stickers by Fifi Mandirac 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pretty Wooden Letters

Visit Torie Jayne for inspiration and a how to guide on decorating wooden letters & numbers available from Molly-Meg. Torie Jayne is a very inspiring blog well worth a visit for shabby chic interiors design ideas, craft and baking tips as well as discovering talented people such as artist Abigail Brown