Sunday, 29 July 2012

Home interiors by Lalé

Rose  mini suitcase Bolais ciel, Lalé
Rose suitcasesLalé
Geo drawstring bagsLalé
Geo drawstring bags, Lalé
Théo bean bag seat by Lalé
Zig Long cushion Bolais rougeLalé
Zoe cushion by Lalé
Zoe cushion NaiveLalé
Zoe cushion peixe & Bolais rougeLalé
Zoe cushion Bolais Ciel.Lalé
I am excited to finally be showcasing  the beautiful designs by French designer Lalé who's work I have admired and lusted after for some time. A collection of comfy bean bags, cushions, mini suitcases and bags for children in beautiful pattern. Lalé's creations are designed from childhood memories with tributes to close relatives giving a unique sense of style. All showcased in home decoration

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