Sunday, 19 August 2012

The wonderful world of Corby Tindersticks

We have just added a unique selection of felt prints and toys to the shop this week by new brand Corby Tindersticks. Carly founder of Corby Tindersticks lives in Birmingham and tells us about herself and her favourite places and inspiration
Tell us a little bit about you, where has your travels/life/career led you before now?
After studying textile design at Loughborough University (drawing robots and sewing found objects onto vintage fabric) I found myself teaching textiles at Berkshire boarding school, making Jewellery for Tatty Devine, working as a pawnbroker and more recently designing kids clothing for high street retailers, including a 3 month stay in China working in a sample room!

What is your inspiration behind corby tindersticks and your latest materpieces?
Corby Tindersticks was started as I wanted to combine my knowledge of the kids fashion/ design industry with my own personal style to create something personal and unique. I love scandinavian style in its simplicity and I wanted to combine this design aesthetic with my own memories of a northern child hood incorporating a British quirkiness influenced by coconut shies and Blackpool beach!

Are there any designers/ artists you admire?
I really admire the work of Italian futurist Bruno Munari, he designed a wide range of furniture and design pieces, including children's books. I love that he combined great illustration with humour and wacky ideas regarding the most bland of everyday objects, creating imaginative and bold books with interactive elements that still look contemporary amongst todays picture books.

Where is your favourite place near where you live?
Nottingham Contemporary art gallery would be my choice in the midlands, the building itself is a lovely piece of design and they have had some unusual and inspiring exhibitions, usually with an interactive element (great for kids too!)

Where is your favourite place anywhere?
I recently visited Tatton Park  in Cheshire for the first time and really fell in love with it, the gardens have a magical beauty fitting of any child's story book and the Japanese gardens are stunning,  I also love the Yorkshire sculpture park back home for a long walk amongst the Henry Moore sculptures and sheep!

Is there a something perhaps an artist, product, brand, website or place that you have recently discovered that you love?
I've recently rediscovered the Bleubird blog and Kenziepoo when on the hunt for inspiration and children's book artist Kveta Pacovska who has a very bold use of colour and very abstract characters.

Any future plans/project that you can share with us or anything you would like to do? 
I will soon be designing the new Corby Tindersticks range, I'm not sure what it will look like yet but I'm hoping to design a larger and more adventurous collection with some new items and characters.  I'd love to make a Corby Tindersticks fabric picture book and maybe even some giant characters for an exhibition!

Latest designs from Corby tindersticks
All designs are handmade  in the UK with lots of loving care and fun. Visit the shop for more designs by Corby Tindersticks

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